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Here you can learn how to listen to your intuition for everyday guidance and support. Whether you are just getting started or already an intuitive expert, these articles will teach you how to cultivate and hone your skills with clear guidelines and step-by-step approaches.

About Me


Love. Abundance. Freedom. – is a personal mantra of mine, and I hold these values to heart, as I feel they are foundational for a thriving life. The mantra's acronym spells out LAF (laugh), which I love because I am always giggling. You will find that working with me is an uplifting and positive experience. I also hold an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology and have been a practicing intuitive for over 10 years.

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I post a new blog article on every full and new moon days. So please continue to check back!


I respect your privacy. All emails are kept confidential.

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