• Marie Christine, Intuitive Counselor

Music, an Intuitive Pathway

All major art forms can be a channel to experience the Divine, but there is something unique about music. Perhaps it's because music is a frequency with no physical form so it can easily become a current to the formless realms of God, soul, and intuition. We may never know for sure, but it is clear that music has had a powerful effect on humans throughout history.

I have had experiences of feeling whole, connected, and complete when listening to music. However, I was not consciously aware of these experiences for a long time. They were subconscious experiences, and all I was aware of when I was listening to music was I felt GOOD. After many experiences of conscious contact with God, only then, I became aware of how many times I was connecting with God while listening to music. It was the same experience!

Not all music will feel like a spiritual experience, and the pieces that do will be very specific to the individual listening, as we're created uniquely by God. Think about the types of music that move you. You may have even said without thinking much about it that a particular song "speaks to your soul". Well, it does. Next time while listening to this music, take some time to reflect internally on what is happening and if any high levels of intuitive information are coming through. What I mean by high levels is direct information coming from your soul or God only.

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I tend to gravitate toward listening to instrumental songs as they help me use my intuition to connect with the spiritual realm and interpret messages more clearly. I also notice that being in motion while listening to music, like on a bike ride or dancing, all seem to heighten this experience of connecting to intuitive information. This is not surprising as movement often opens the intuitive floodgates. Just make sure you are paying attention to the road!

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If you are a lyric fan, pay attention to the messages and the songs you're drawn to and what is happening in your life at the moment. What kinds of intuitive information are you getting through listening to a particular song? Is your higher self calling you to hold a different perspective, forgive, or acknowledge your true feelings about something? You will want to write down the information you receive while listening to music, apply this information to your life if called for, and then see if it has value for you. Value can be measured by if something uplifts, fulfills, and helps you grow in life.

Play around with the music that speaks to your soul and reveal what your higher self is saying to you.


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