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Calling in a Spiritual Conference

My favorite intuitive tool to use when I need extra support with a challenging situation or out of a rut is to call in a spiritual conference. It's like a board meeting where I ask my spiritual allies to help me hear and understand guidance from my higher self.

This intuitive exercise also helps me discern guidance from the higher self versus input from my ego or an unhelpful entity. The amount of personal growth and positive outcomes resulting from applying the knowledge received in these meetings indicate how well I accurately hear the guidance.

Holding a spiritual conference is an active meditation and requires imagination and visualization skills. For the best results, try to observe what is happening in your meeting as neutrally as possible by not applying judgments to the situation.

Don't get discouraged if you are not getting helpful guidance right away from this exercise. Calling in a spiritual conference is experiential learning, so the more you do it, the more productive it will become.

3-Step Process on How to Set Up Your Spiritual Conference

1. Quiet your inner environment through meditation or your intuitive ritual practice. Include the intention to clear the space of all negative energies.

2. Call in your chosen spiritual allies and guides using your intention and visualization. Select the highest level of expert helpers that you know. For example, you may want to invite a particular guru, teacher, ancestor, Buddha, or Jesus to your conference. Ask only for spiritual helpers that can assist you with hearing intuitive guidance from your higher self and are not currently alive.

3. Start your meeting by saying hello and thanking each attendee for assistance. Be sure to pay your spiritual allies respect in some way that feels authentic. A foundation of welcoming respect will help you receive their guidance more effectively. This is not to say the meeting can't be lighthearted and fun; it certainly can.

After that, the conference outline is really up to you. You may want the other attendees to take the lead as to who speaks first. If a senior member is present, the group may naturally look to them to direct the meeting.

Remember that this conference's whole point is for your spiritual allies to assist you with clearly hearing and understanding intuitive guidance from your higher self.

Other Notes About the Meeting

I highly recommend that you take notes during these conferences. If you find it distracting to take notes in real-time, wait until the conference's end to record your notes. From my experience, these notes prove to be invaluable as I tend to forget what was covered. It also is helpful to see the progression of the topics discussed and the prophetic nature of the conversations over time.

The meeting members may change. For example, I had a massive breakthrough in my personal development, and then at my next spiritual conference, one of my members respectfully left the group. I got the intuitive knowing that my departing spiritual ally would always be with me but was no longer needed at this venue. It was a bittersweet moment because I was sad to see him go; however, this change confirmed how much I shifted inside. I recommend flowing with member changes and having an open heart to new helpers.

A reminder that your higher self is never panicked. You may get guidance at your conference to do something right away, but the energy around the information is never hectic if it's coming from your higher self. As a guideline, intuitive guidance from the higher self will ride on an energy that feels inclusive, loving, expansive, and peaceful. If you get negative, judgmental, contractual, stressed, or frenetic energies and guidance, reset your meeting and try again.

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