Expectations vs. Intentions

Intention is the most powerful tool you have to hear valuable and life-changing intuitive guidance. Your intention is a creative force that is released from within towards a specific aim and goal. To be an adept intuitive, you need a very clear intention to hear intuitive guidance from the most helpful spiritual sources, which are your higher self, and God.

Intentions are so powerful that they can become problematic if misguided. I found it wise to follow up all my intentions with the phrase "this or something better for the highest good." That way, when this powerful energy is released, it gets surrendered to the highest possible outcome for all concerned.

Expectations are also potent creation energy, but the energy flow of an expectation comes from outside and is experienced within, whereas intentions come from within and then manifest out. Intuitive guidance from your higher self and God is not an external event waiting to happen to you. Their loving guidance and existence are an intrinsic part of your being. That is why using intention while listening to your intuition is much more powerful than expecting your higher guidance to show up at the right moment.

Having a specific aim fosters a state of empowerment and can program your subconscious to help bring that goal to your physical world reality. Expectation places the power outside of you and is more of a passive and receptive role because you are waiting for something to happen. Strong expectations will also imprint to your subconscious, which will then work to bring them to your reality. However, intention leaves more room for creativity because it starts with a conscious internal aim that opens doors to specific outcomes.

It's important to understand that an expectation is not wrong or less than an intention. Expectations are just as powerful in creating your reality and can be very helpful for navigating a happy and healthy life. However, when it comes to accessing your intuition, setting an intention will get you much further than just expecting guidance to show up. It's important to understand where you are in relation to these two creation energy streams when listening for higher guidance because holding a clear and conscious intention will be far more fruitful with retrieving accurate and helpful spiritual information.

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