Intuition and Exposing the Shadow

Intuitive guidance is instructive and can show us what is taking off our life path. As such, intuition is an extremely valuable tool for exposing our shadow side by revealing beliefs and habits that keep us from living our full potential.

The higher self and God will guide you towards the most authentic version of yourself. Inner wisdom can convict by encouraging course correction when you have strayed off your life path. This conviction relieves the pain of making unhealthy choices rather than adding punishment by guilt

Guilt is different from conviction in that it's insidious. Guilt comes with negativity and judgments and never releases you from your mistakes; you must pay for them repeatedly. Conviction differs in that it is a neutral internal nudge to make changes free from negativity. Being highly sensitive to your internal environment is a big plus in deciphering the difference between guilt and constructive conviction.

Conviction from our higher self or Creator comes in an intuitive knowing that you just did something or said something that does not align with your divine purpose. You may get a nagging feeling inside to stop or change course. It can be subtle, but the conviction will stay with you until intuitive guidance is followed and you are placed on a more authentic path.

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Although conviction may feel uncomfortable, it is priceless intuitive information and, if listed to, can save you a lot of time and grief. Course-correcting is an essential part of utilizing your inner wisdom's guidance for maximum positive results in your life. You can grow into a more expansive person by addressing shadow areas that need to come to light.

We may not be perfect people, but we can always learn and grow. Creator loves a willing heart that genuinely wants to do better and will always meet us where we are, without condemnation. Using intuition to hear and act on our corrective guidance is an attribute of spiritual maturity. When we are shown our faults, we can feel blessed and grateful to have a loving intelligence looking out for our best needs at all times.

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