How to Read Signs from Spirit

Are you someone who loves signs from spirit? Like seeing 11:11 on a clock, feathers appearing out of nowhere, a butterfly or a rainbow showing up just when you need some extra encouragement? I do. I love these little nods from Creator, and I also believe the interpretations of these signs are entirely personal. Essentially whatever you think these signs represent is their actual meaning.

As humans, we have authority on how we interpret things and our attitude towards them. Our internal environment is entirely within our control and our sole responsibility. When looking for external validations and signs for whatever questions we are asking, it's easy to forget that we are running the show on the interpretation. Therefore, we may think the event happening outside of us has all the value and answers we seek. This belief is a slippery slope to feeling disempowered and getting into a mindset of needing constant external validation, which will cripple a thriving life.

There is a shadow side of looking for signs. This occurs when signs encourage you towards unhelpful habits or behaviors. For example, you decide to cut back on drinking alcohol, and then no more than a minute later, a best friend calls you to go to happy hour. A sign? You may say, "Maybe I shouldn't cut back on drinking just yet, what's one more day?". However, you know this is not true in your heart, and you may even feel a sense of inner conflict and anxiety come up as you are deciding on what to do. Pay attention to this energy running through you and use discernment. Just because a sign outside of you is hinting that you do something doesn't always make it for your highest good.

Don't get me wrong; it's great to get encouragement by a perfectly timed song offering great advice or a favorite bird showing up when you need confirmation from a passed loved one. Take these little miracles and hold them in your heart. Know you are supported and loved by Creator and always tended to, even in the smallest of life's moments. It's important to understand that while the external environment can help confirm and make sense of your internal processes, it's not the last word. You are because you assign the value to the experience.


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