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Where Does Intuitive Guidance Come From?

As human beings, we experience life through four main layers of consciousness: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Intuitive guidance from our higher self, Creator God, or another spiritual source is experienced through our spiritual layer of consciousness.

The following is a breakdown of each layer of consciousness to help you distinguish them. While intentionally looking for intuitive insight, you will want to develop a practice that brings you into awareness of your spiritual level of consciousness while simultaneously quieting the other three (physical, mental, and emotional).

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The physical layer of consciousness is perhaps the most obvious to notice. It's how we tangibly perceive the material world with our body and five physical senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

The mental layer of consciousness can be harder to detect because it's not on the material plane. It's a separate reality that exists only in our minds. These are the thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs we have about our physical world experiences. These beliefs create expectations, and our expectations tend to play out in our lives over and over, whether positive or negative.

The emotional layer of consciousness is even more subtle than the mental realm because the mind can suppress emotions if it deems them unproductive. In most cases, emotions are subsequent to thinking, meaning we will have a thought first, and then that thought produces a feeling based on our beliefs and expectations. However, there are times when emotions spontaneously happen, as in the case of an empathic experience.

The spiritual layer of consciousness is the bedrock on which all our other layers of consciousness rest. Our spiritual self is our true identity and holds our ultimate power. It contains the knowledge that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The spiritual realm of consciousness is where we can obtain intuitive guidance to support a healthy body, mind, and emotions for a productive and thriving life.

The way to tap into spiritual consciousness is through the use of your intuition. Intuition is a sixth sense that can perceive the intangible and unseen world of the higher self and Creator God. Your inner wisdom and spiritual allies will help you make sense of your physical world, thoughts, and feelings and place you on a safe path toward love, joy, and fulfillment.

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As powerful as your spiritual consciousness is, the mind is crucial for generating favorable circumstances in daily life. A balanced and compassionate mental space is essential for a contented life. However, the mind needs guidance from something bigger than itself. It's important to remember that the thoughts in your head are more like tools rather than your true identity, which is your spiritual self.

Intuitive knowledge obtained from your spiritual or higher self can rewrite all the beliefs that hold you back and uplift you into a thriving lifestyle. Because of this, your spiritual layer of consciousness can provide deep and lasting healing and is a worthwhile endeavor to explore.

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