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Where Does Intuitive Guidance Come From?

Understanding the roots of intuitive guidance involves delving into the four layers of consciousness that shape our human experience: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. The short answer is intuition is a process of your spiritual self.

Our Four Layers of Consciousness

1. The physical layer of consciousness is the most tangible, involving our direct perception of the material world through our body and five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

2. The mental layer can be harder to detect than the physical, existing solely within our minds as thoughts, perceptions, creative imagination, and beliefs about experiences. These mental constructs shape our expectations, influencing the outcomes in our lives.

3. The emotional layer is our experienced feelings, which can be suppressed by the mind if deemed unproductive or inconvenient. Emotions typically follow thoughts, but they can spontaneously arise at times, especially in empathic experiences.

4 The spiritual layer of consciousness is the bedrock on which all our other layers of consciousness rest. Our spiritual self is our true identity and holds our ultimate power. It contains the knowledge that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and our intuitive function.

You can use intuition to tap into your spiritual consciousness and communicate the intangible world of the higher self, spirit guides, and God. Your inner wisdom and spiritual allies, accessed through intuitive knowings, will help you navigate the physical world, thoughts, and feelings, steering you toward more love, joy, and fulfillment.

Intuitive insights, whether from our higher self, God, or another spiritual source, are rooted in our spiritual layer of consciousness. To cultivate intuitive awareness intentionally, it's crucial to quiet the physical, mental, and emotional layers of consciousness.

[Read: 4 Ways to Hear Your Intuition] for tips on how to still the physical, mental, and emotional layers of consciousness.

It's important to note that while our spiritual consciousness holds great power, the mind remains instrumental in shaping everyday circumstances. A balanced and compassionate mental state is essential for a fulfilling life. It's important to recognize that the mind, with its thoughts, serves as a tool rather than our true identity, which resides in the spiritual self.

Revealing intuitive insights rooted in your spiritual consciousness has the power to reshape limiting beliefs, paving the way for a purposeful and thriving life, making pursuing intuitive development a truly rewarding endeavor.

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