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Let's Do a Mini Intuitive Reading

Let's do a mini intuitive reading to get to know, through experience, the different layers of your consciousness. You have four different ways of perceiving life. One is on the physical level, another is through the thoughts in your mind, yet another is through your emotions, and lastly, you also experience life as a spiritual being.

The intuitive information from your higher self comes from the spiritual part of your consciousness. Therefore, doing a quick reading on this layer of consciousness helps you experience the spiritual aspect of yourself and how to tap into it for information more readily.

Let's get started with your mini-reading:

Step one: Set your intention to clear the space of all negativity.

Step two: Say or write down the first word that comes to you to describe each layer of your consciousness by answering the following four questions.

  1. How are you physically right now?_______ List one word to describe this.

  2. How are you mentally right now?_______List one word to describe this.

  3. How are you emotionally right now?_______List one word to describe this.

  4. How are you spiritually right now?_______List one word to describe this.

If you don't know how you are doing spiritually, say or write down the first word that comes to you. Don't overthink this. The spiritual part of you is what you are getting to know through this exercise, so it may not be crystal clear for you at the beginning.

Keep doing this mini-reading at least once a day for at least ten days. Ideally, you would want to do this reading as much as you can to get better at distinguishing the different layers of your consciousness at any moment.

You will get faster and more confident with this mini-reading as you do it more and more. All intuitive readings are experienced-based learning, so the more you do it, the better you get at it.

Here's my mini-reading for an example:

How am I physically right now? Strong.

How am I mentally right now? Slightly anxious.

How am I emotionally right now? Calm.

How am I spiritually right now? Peace.

Let's break down my mini-reading to see what it reveals:

You will notice that my mental realm is "slightly anxious" in my mini-reading, yet my emotions are "calm." This inconsistency can happen because these are two different areas of my consciousness. However, if my mental realm were highly anxious, my feelings would most likely follow. My reading reveals that my emotions don't seem to be affected by my thoughts at this point.

From my reading, I can also see that I am probably pretty healthy and have all the rest, nutrition, and water I need; as I said, I was "strong" physically. My spiritual needs appear to be fulfilled because I listed "peace" in this realm at this moment.

As a reminder, your spiritual consciousness will reveal intuitive information to you from your higher self – so our aim here is to distinguish guidance coming from the spiritual self vs. information coming from your physical, mental, and emotional realms of consciousness.

There's no real right or wrong way to do this mini-reading. If you use more than one word to describe each level of consciousness, go for it. I recommend keeping things simple at the beginning because you don't want to overthink this exercise.

It's good to check in frequently with yourself on these four levels of consciousness and see how everything is going for you. It's informative, fun, and a great way to start to reveal, through experience, your spiritual side.

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