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"Spending time in sacred space with Marie and her bountiful intuitive gifts is bound to leave you inspired to take on your dreams and aspirations. All the while leaving you with tools to maneuver the more difficult aspects of life. Her sessions are filled with kindness and humor easing tension and anxiety within the client creating a very safe space to work together in the intuitive realms. The accuracy with which Marie receives and delivers information is very rare, and the wisdom channeled, if heeded, will bring you much clarity, healing, and empowerment."

- Andrea Racko, Spiritual Reader, Teacher and Healer

Nevada City, CA

"I have had many sessions with Marie and find them to be enlightening and fantastic. Marie is not only intuitive, she is also deeply compassionate and straightforward. I enjoy her reading style as she is intuitively looking for the deeper meaning of your questions and going into the greater opportunity for awareness. Her background in Spiritual Psychology has set her apart from so many other intuitives. I know and trust that her gentle guidance comes with a true background and educational understanding of how to reach the bigger issues. I would highly recommend a 1-1 with Marie so that you can see for yourself."

- Karie Boyd, CEO & Lead Trial Attorney at Boyd Law

Los Angeles, CA

"Marie was extremely helpful with guiding me where to put my energy. She also gave me hope and insight. She was able to tell me what possibilities were available at a time when I was a bit lost. She is dedicated to her craft and has a creative and ethereal spirit that is truly authentically giving and nurturing. She has a gift of inspiring growth and healing in all living things. I highly recommend working with her if you need support and guidance, unraveling your current situation or if you want direction or assurance on future decisions and action."


- Denise, Los Angeles, CA

“Marie's training in spiritual counseling really shines when you're going through uncertain times. Her readings reflect the feelings and opportunities that you may not be able to see on your own, especially when you're in one of those places where you feel stuck with your back against the wall. She doesn't just provide insight or reassurance, but acts as a wayshower for you to see your own solutions and create the life you were meant to live. I highly recommend working with her when you need some help recognizing the signposts to follow on your path.”


- Lana Rose, Owner, Kauai Massage Therapy

"I have had multiple sessions from Marie. Her gifts and talent are reflected through her professionalism. Her guidance has always been on point. I highly recommend her. She offers wonderful and helpful advice. Marie has helped guide me to clarity and taught me to follow my intuition. She really does genuinely care about your well-being and offers wonderful words of wisdom."


- Lace, Photographer, Salt Lake City, UT


"I am so happy to write this because I want to share my experience with Marie. In our search for happiness, balance, peace and love, we definitely need to be somehow guided or I should say enlightened by someone like Marie. When I had my session with her, I was in a moment of my life when I was looking for answers for me and for some close friends. Not only I got those answers, but I also received from Marie some powerful encouragement for my personal and professional life."


- Enrico, Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you Marie for sharing your gifts of listening and guiding. You offer strength and support in a non-judgemental way and use tools and teachings both from the ancient ways and modern life and weave them together beautifully."


- Tyler, Nevada City, CA

"I have had many readings with various people and found that Marie's insights were the most helpful in guiding me through questionable times. Marie's knowledge and open-minded approach foster a safe atmosphere. I come back to her as a source of support when I'm in the thick of it."


- Nutmeg, Berlin, Germany

“Not only a reading but also a passionate and meaningful talk and guidance without judgment. I've known Marie for over a year now and I'm reaching out for readings and advice whenever I’m struggling. Sessions with her making me realize how important is to listen to your inner self and intuition. Very calming and balanced energy, absolutely recommend!”


- Karen, Warsaw, Poland

"While on vacation in Kauai, I went to have a session with Marie and I loved it. Not only was it fun, it was informative and helpful. Marie presents information in a positive and gentle way. I plan to schedule a phone reading this month and I'm considering making this a semi-regular thing. Luckily I recorded the session so I can review all the information we covered.  Thanks, Marie!"


– Debra Block

“Marie has an innate ability to connect with people. You can tell right away that she deeply cares and wants the best for her clients.  When you have a session with Marie you really feel that she wants to truly help you.”


- Sara Feld, CA

"Marie is very thoughtful, intuitive, and kind. She has great energy. She really helped me think through some interesting life situations. Marie is very comfortable and easy to be around and I look forward to seeing her again."


- John, Kauai, HI

“Marie has been such a guiding light, her readings have bought me peace in times when I needed it most and joyful moments in her confirmation of the path I was on. She is so incredibly talented and her calm presence, warm voice, and incredible intuition and connection allow for such graceful sessions. I highly recommend her offerings."

- Elizabeth, London, England

“2019 and 2020 were very challenging years for me and for most I know. During this uncertain time, having sessions with Marie helped me get clear and have faith in what was coming ahead. She brings a sense of calmness and I recommend her in challenging times and also in good times. She will remain a person I go to when I’m looking for clarity and reassurance."


- Chef Leo, Kauai, Hawaii

“Marie provided me with a reading at a time that I had much doubt in my career. She helped provide direction and confidence when I most needed it. I created a mantra based on my reading that I recited to myself when I needed self-assurance. It helped me so much in charting my path and understanding my worth. I am so grateful for her kind words and support."


- Cathy, Seattle, WA, Attorney

"I have been fortunate to have several readings with Marie and she is hands down the BEST at what she does. She is deeply intuitive and has provided insight and guidance that supported me enormously during some rather difficult and challenging periods. I often reflect back on her insights with awe and she is my first choice whenever I feel I need some deeper insight and clarity. She is professional, gentle, and immediately puts you at ease with her humor, heart-centered listening, and down to earth way of just meeting you where you are.”


- Nancy Miller, Life Enrichment Coach, Kauai, HI


"Marie is my favorite! After our session, I feel clearer about my direction, feel inspired to move forward and gain amazing insights. All my questions are always answered. Sometimes through reading with Marie, I get options and answers I couldn't even imagine before. I love her personality too, Marie is very sweet, respectful person with a wonderful sense of humor."


- Tatiana, Bali, Indonesia

"I'm so happy to have met Marie! She is a wonderful counselor and I love to talk with her. She's very delightful and charming, she has helped me with insights and shared her wise guidance. Please don't hesitate to connect with her, you won't regret it!"


- Ana, Sebastopol, CA

“Thank you, Marie for the incredible amount of support, understanding, guidance, direction and peace you have brought into my life through our reading sessions together. I appreciate the accuracy of your readings that over the years has proven reliable and it’s always a bit mind blowing in retrospect to acknowledge that you got the timelines and unfoldment of events, so accurately. I know that anyone who chooses to work with you will be held in just the same sacred container that you have provided for me for many years now. There really has not been an important movement in my life lately that doesn’t happen without me first turning to your wisdom as support. You do really have that gift of infusing confidence, clarity, and a sense of peace, excitement and enthusiasm into your clients because this is most often how I feel after a session with you. Thank you, for your presence in my life."


- Diyana Alcheva, Self-Mastery Mentor for Powerhouse Visionaries

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