The Lowdown on Higher Self Intuitive Information

There are ways to tell if you are getting intuitive information from the higher self. You can notice specific characteristics right away that indicate you are receiving soul-level intuitive guidance before seeing any tangible results.

Intuitive information from your higher self always has an accepting and loving, or benevolent, quality to it. This loving feeling is wholly inclusive and leaves none of you feeling unworthy. You will always feel empowered and not like a victim if the intuitive guidance comes from your higher self.

Another characteristic of intuitive information from your higher self is that it will often come in very quietly – like a whisper. However, some of us may have had an experience, usually during a physical crisis, where we hear loud and clear guidance to act now. Outside of this type of intuitive experience, I have noticed that soul-level intuitive information will come in softly.

Intuitive guidance from the higher self is patient, consistent, and relentless. What I mean by it being relentless is the information still comes in on a soft, expansive, and peaceful channel, but the message remains consistent until you apply it. Persistent intuitive guidance also doesn't mean you will get incessant judgmental chattering that drones on about the same thing over and over; this is your most likely your mind talking to you.

Your higher self and Creator are consistent, and if something is for your highest good, they will not give up on you. They want you to get things right for your personal growth and fulfillment. You will get the same guidance over and over until you get it.

Lastly, higher self intuitive information will have a quality of peace. Our soul is gentle. Even if we receive seemingly undesirable intuitive guidance, it will still ride to us on a wave of peace. You can tell how connected you are to your soul and God by the level of internal peace you can maintain even under the most trying circumstances. This inner peace is a gift from our Creator, and it's always available to experience through our intuitive function.


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