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How Exercise Can Make You More Intuitive

It's no secret that exercise has tremendous benefits for our physical, emotional, and mental health. But did you know this is also true for our spiritual health? Exercise helps "loosen" your spiritual body to help you become more open and receptive. Often, intuitive knowledge will become apparent when the physical body moves, especially if one is in a relaxed state.

Since we are both equally human and spiritual beings, we need to be fully present in each part to receive the maximum benefit of being alive. Too much in our spiritual or physical selves causes an imbalance and has drawbacks, such as overthinking or apathy. To hear intuitive intelligence from our higher or spiritual self, paradoxically, we need to be deeply grounded in our human body.

One of the quickest ways to become grounded and fully present in the physical body is to move it intentionally. Exercise, or any repetitive and steady movement, will anchor your spirit into your body and the earth. Grounding is vital to hearing any intuitive guidance.

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Remember that exercise doesn't need to mean a daily 30-minute cardio workout at a gym. It can be gardening, going for a walk, or anything that gets your body moving.

Exercising outdoors is especially useful in grounding your spirit and physical body. Since you are innately connected to the natural environment, exercising outside in pleasant areas will naturally relax your body's nervous system.

A relaxed nervous system is crucial for hearing your intuition because if it's not, your internal environment will be boisterous and distracting. Your higher self communicates quietly, so having a rested nervous system will foster an intuitive space within you to hear its guidance.

If you are not in a place with a lot of natural outdoor beauty, put on some relaxing music in headphones and go for a walk. Do what you can to create a peaceful inner environment as you move around and, as always, set your intention high that you only want intuitive knowledge from your higher self.

If moving around is something you can't do, try taking a long bath or sitting next to a body of water. Make the environment pleasant by lighting a candle or fresh flowers. Move what you can, like your hands in the water, and inwardly listen. Water is a powerful current for intuitive guidance. You may be surprised how much intuitive knowledge comes through in these relaxing settings.

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