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Goosebumps and Intuition

Goosebumps are physiological phenomena that mainly occur with cold weather and strong emotions. However, they can also indicate receiving intuitive guidance from your higher self or God. In this instance, have heard goosebumps referred to as "truth-bumps".

When you receive helpful, intuitive knowledge, a part of you knows the information is accurate on a deep level. Your human body can respond to spiritual truths as your spiritual body and physical body are intimately connected. As such, spiritual truths can cause physiological responses such as chills and goosebumps.

To discover whether you are getting goosebumps or truth-bumps, you will first need to observe what is occurring in your life at the moment of the phenomenon. For example, often it is just a response to cold weather, but not always. Sometimes goosebumps will appear after hearing specific lyrics or a casual remark that suddenly resonates deeply and causes a rush of energy through your body. At this point, you will want to ask if the occurrence that caused the goosebumps has some profound truth regarding your path and purpose in life. If yes, you are most likely getting intuitive truth-bumps.

You will want to write down suspected truth-bump guidance and become a spiritual scientist to investigate if the intuitive information comes to fruition in your life in a valuable way. Once you become more consciously aware of truth-bumps and their value, you will identify them more readily and accurately. It becomes fun to recognize this built-in natural intuitive intelligence of truth-bumps, alerting you to pay attention because you just received helpful spiritual guidance.

[Read: Becoming a Spiritual Scientist] for how to track intuitive guidance to see if it is accurate and helpful

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