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Five Characteristics of a Highly Intuitive Person

Being able to hear your intuition is a skill that can be cultivated and honed like anything else. An adept intuitive will have detectable amounts of discipline and self-mastery in their daily lives. The following are five characteristics of a highly intuitive person with a firm connection to their inner wisdom.

1. Intuitive people are great listeners. A person with strong intuition will be able to listen objectively without the need to respond or interrupt. Intuitive people are at ease with silent pauses in conversation and provide a safe space for others to communicate challenging and sensitive information. They will make a person feel heard on a deep level and valued.

Hearing intuitive intelligence demands full attention and takes focus. Critical and objective listening skills are necessary to hear intuition accurately. The reason is that spiritual guidance often comes in quietly and may even be unwanted information, so there is a discipline of hearing things as they come in.

2. Intuitives love themselves. Highly intuitive people will naturally have respect for themselves and others. They will practice self-care and self-betterment as a natural result of constant contact with their inner wisdom.

Having a strong intuitive connection with inner truth will make it easier to trust and take care of oneself, give advice, and treat others with love and compassion. A skilled intuitive person will hold healthy boundaries and respect others' boundaries. Their self-love will be contagious and often will draw many genuine friends and allies to them.

3. Have great timing. An intuitive person understands their needs and the needs of those around them. They won't come across as pushy or aggressive due to following their inner wisdom's loving guidance. Intuitives understand spiritual timing and can patiently wait when they receive the direction to do so. It is not uncommon for highly intuitive people to show up or call when you need them the most.

4. Synchronicities happen all the time. An intuitive's life may seem magical. They radiate much grace and ease in their daily lives, even when things go wrong and become challenging. They have an optimistic approach as they can always sync up with their built-in loving guidance system to gather solutions and encouragement. An outward manifestation of this symbiotic relationship with the natural and spiritual selves often presents as synchronistic events and natural world signs of encouragement, such as seeing a butterfly or a rainbow.

5. Intuitives know how to relax. Even if a highly intuitive individual is full of energy and has a demanding professional life, they know how to take the time to rejuvenate and connect with their higher wisdom for its loving guidance. If things don't go as planned, intuitives know how to slow down and course-correct as they have a strong trust in Divine timing and can adjust it. A relaxed inner environment is necessary for direct communication with one's inner wisdom, and an intuitive will protect this sacred internal space at all costs.

If you don't feel highly intuitive, try focusing on developing an intuitive trait first. For example, start with the characteristic of self-love and build a high affinity within. As a byproduct of this effort, you will naturally begin to hear more clearly and trust in your inner wisdom. Likewise, you can apply the same process with listening skills and learning to relax.

As your self-love, attentive listening, and relaxed inner environment grow within, you will see your overall timing improve and synchronicity abounding in your external environment. An additional indication that your intuition has improved is that you will notice a decrease in general conflict with others.

[Read: Self-Love Opens the Door to Your Intuition] for more on how self-love can develop your intuition.

There are many compelling reasons to develop your innate gift of intuitive intelligence. Most of which is to know, through direct experience, that you are connected to an all-loving and all-knowing Source of spiritual guidance that will help you thrive in life.

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