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Get Grounded – Running Physical and Spiritual Energies

As a human being, you have a human part that inhabits the physical world and a being part that resides in a spiritual world. Grounding is an active meditation that helps you accept and fully embody both your human and spiritual realities. It is essential to ground because the more you inhabit the spiritual and physical worlds, the better you will be at hearing helpful, intuitive guidance and protecting your energy.

If you are not grounded in your spiritual and physical bodies, intuitive knowledge from the higher self will be hard to recognize. Your thoughts, emotions, and outside energetic influences will take over your internal environment. This takeover leads to confusion, overwhelm, and a lack of ability to set and hold healthy boundaries.

When I first started looking for intuitive guidance, I had very little interest in grounding to my physical experience. I would fly off energetically someplace, and as a result, I didn't receive much helpful information. Once I learned to appreciate and fully embody my human side as much as I did my spiritual, my ability to hear my intuition improved significantly.

Before accessing your intuitive intelligence, you will want to do an internal assessment and ask yourself if you favor the human or spiritual part of your existence. Be watchful of any judgments about either part of you. You will need to reside in and value each piece of you equally to hear the higher self. Creator built you as a spirit having a human experience and relates to you on both levels.


As a human being, you are continually inhabiting two different realities. Your human body inhabits physical world reality, and the being part of you, or your spirit, lives in a spiritual world reality. The human part of you is grounded in the physical world and runs physical energy. The being part of you is grounded in the spiritual world and runs spiritual energy. You must have a strong foothold in physical and spiritual realms if you want accurate, helpful, intuitive guidance.

Grounding Exercises:

The following are specific exercises on how to ground in both your physical and spiritual world bodies. The process is more effective if you first ground to the physical before grounding to the spiritual realm.

Running physical energies - Grounding to the physical world.

There are many different methods to ground to physical world reality. The following exercise is the one I use the most:

Imagine a purple beam of light (or a grounding cord) coming from your root chakra (or pelvic bone area) and anchoring you to the Earth's core. Hold this image of grounding to the Earth for at least 30 seconds, so your body can get used to the feeling.

Now your spiritual and human bodies are fully rooted in the Earth. To strengthen this connection, release all negative energy through intention by imagining this unwanted energy flowing out of your body, down your grounding cord, and into the Earth's core to be transmuted. After you do this, thank the Earth.

Running spiritual energies - Grounding to the spiritual world.

After you are rooted solidly in the physical world, now is the time to get grounded to the spiritual and run spiritual energy/information. Again, there are many techniques available to do this, but this is the one I use the most:

Imagine a column of white light (or a grounding cord) coming down from the universe and entering your crown chakra (or down the top of your head). The white light enters the body, goes down your back to your root chakra (or pelvic bone area), and then up your back and out of your head to the heavens from which it came. Hold this image for at least 30 seconds. Now you are fully rooted in spirit. Then thank the Creator, like you thanked the Earth, for the assistance.

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