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Intuitive Secret – Holding Attention in Center of Head

An advanced technique for listening for intuitive guidance is to place your attention in the middle of your head. I will walk you through a quick exercise so you can understand this concept through experience.

The first thing to know is that your attention differs from your awareness. For example, you can be aware of what location you're in right now, but all your attention may be on reading these words. It's essential to get the energetic distinction between awareness and attention because you want all of your attention in the center of your head when intuitively listening.

Next, let's explore what I mean when I say place your attention in the center of your head. Before asking for intuitive knowledge from your higher self or Creator God, take all your attention through intention and bring it to the center of your head. The experience feels as if you are sitting inside your head and are hyper-aware.

Now, let's experience what it is like to have your attention in the center of your head through the following exercise.

The Exercise:

1. Start by bringing your attention to your physical body. Now place all of your attention on a hand and focus on it. Stay with it till even your physical surroundings and noises start to disappear as you gather more and more attention to your hand. Get a feel for this energy stream. Learning to focus and hold your attention requires experiential learning, so you may need to practice a few times to understand the difference between full attention and awareness.

2. Once you get focused attention on your hand, start to move this attention around your body. Begin by shifting your focus from your hand to your stomach. Now move your attention from your stomach to your foot. Hold your focused attention on each body part for at least 15 seconds.

3. Now, bring this highly focused attention to the center of your head and hold it. When receiving guidance from your higher self or God, this laser focus inside your head is where you energetically want to be.

4. Finally, place all your attention in the center of your stomach and note how that feels. Then move it back to the center of your head. Continue doing this a few times – moving your full attention from your stomach to your head and back. Take note of the energetic difference between the two locations.

You will notice that your energy feels clearer and calmer in the center of your head than it does in the center of your stomach. This is because the emotional center of our energetic body is in the stomach region, so any intuitive information we pull in from the stomach will have our emotions to contend with and filter through. This emotional filter generally makes the intuitive guidance more confusing and less reliable.

The center of your head is the part of your energetic/spiritual body that is the most inherently present and neutrally receptive. When you receive intuitive knowledge while energetically present in this area, you will naturally be more objective with the guidance received. Another way of saying this is you are more apt to get clear and unbiased information while being present in the center of your head. Therefore the intuitive guidance received in this location has the best chance of being accurate and helpful.

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