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Intuitive Dreaming

For many, intuitive guidance from the higher self (soul) or God will come in a dream. There are countless testimonials of those who connect to higher wisdom while sleeping, including many references to prophetic dreams in the Bible.

One reason why so many of us will get higher guidance in our dream state is that our conscious mind is temporarily halted during this time. Without our ego's noisy mental and emotional processes, there is more energetic space for spiritual guidance to come in.

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To intuitively make the most of your dream time, you will want to use the power of intention. Intention is a conscious aim or plan towards a specific goal, and it's an immensely powerful creative energy. To hear higher self wisdom in your dream space, you will want to set a solid and clear intention to do so just before falling asleep.

To make your intentions even more fruitful, create a bedtime intention ritual and repeat it nightly until you start seeing results. Rituals will support the fruition of your intentions because they will condition your subconscious mind to cooperate in your sleep, allowing your inner wisdom to come through uninterrupted.

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The following is an example of a ritual practice to hear intuitive guidance from your higher self or God while you sleep. You can use this technique as is or as an inspiration to create your own. Do your bedtime ritual practice as the last thing before falling asleep - after phone time, talking with your spouse, etc.

1. Just before you fall asleep, hold a crystal or another ritual item of choice in your hands, and say a simple, intentional prayer asking for your higher self or God to communicate intuitive guidance to you as you sleep. It is key to say a sincere prayer that feels authentic.

Here's an example prayer, "God, please communicate to me in my dream tonight what you like me to know right now that is for my highest good. God, reveal your guidance in a way I can clearly understand and remember. Amen."

2. Place the crystal (or preferred ritual tool such as a feather) under your pillow as you sleep. If you do not want to use a ritual tool, simply say the intentional prayer.

3. Have a journal next to your bed and write down your dream as soon as you wake up. Write it all down, and don't leave anything out even if you feel it's not relevant or intuitive guidance.

Dreamwork with your higher self and God is experimental learning, and the more you do it, the better the results. Write everything down at first while you get the hang of the process. Having a written record of events to review your progress over time will help you remember dreams accurately and recognize helpful, intuitive guidance more readily.

Some will take to dreamwork like fish to water, while others will feel like they are in uncharted territory with no fundamental understanding of what's happening. Whichever side of the fence you may fall on, keep going. Spirit meets us where we are at, and as long as our heart and intention are to hear higher wisdom, higher wisdom will respond.

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