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The "I Don't Know" Trick

When I'm intuitively listening for spiritual guidance, I'll often get stuck. I seem to hit a wall, and I feel I'm not receiving any information, or what I'm hearing doesn't seem right. When this happens, it's an indication that I left my intuitive space, and instead, I'm receiving guidance from my ego.

A spiritual teacher taught me a simple and effective technique that halts my ego's input so that I can hear my intuitive guidance more clearly. It's called the "I don't know" trick. To understand why this trick works so well, it's helpful to know what the ego is and why you want to quiet it while listening for intuitive guidance.

The ego is the expressed combination of your thoughts and emotions. Others may perceive your ego as your personality. Contrary to some spiritual doctrine, there is nothing inherently wrong with the ego. Your ego can be a beneficial tool as a motivator in your human life to achieve goals. It is vital to express your unique personality, thoughts, and emotions in a balanced and healthy way for a thriving life.

However, the ego can also be an obstacle to hearing the subtle and quieter realms of spiritual consciousness. The more emotions and thoughts happening within you, the denser and louder your internal environment will be. Essentially this equates outwardly to what some call a "big" ego. With a noisy headspace and cascading emotions, there is little chance of hearing the still small voice of your intuitive knowing. The "I don't know" trick temporarily halts the ego and leaves it completely disarmed without a plan for a moment or two, which is just enough time for spiritual guidance to come through.

How to Use the "I Don't Know" Trick

1. Whenever you are listening for intuitive guidance and are not receiving a clear answer, say the words to yourself internally or externally - "I don't know."

2. Fully commit to the statement by admitting that you have no idea what's going on and don't have any answers. This internal acknowledgment automatically shuts off the ego. Your goal is to accept complete defeat and stay in the unknowing for as long as it takes until the spiritual guidance shows up.

This technique is straightforward but powerful. In my experience, after I say "I don't know" nine times out of ten, within a matter of seconds, the intuitive answer I'm looking for shows up after I internally "give up" looking for it. It's a brilliant technique I use all the time. Try it out; it works.

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