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Using Intuition with Prayer

Prayer is the action of contacting God and receiving divine guidance and support. When you pray, you can use your intuitive function like a telephone to receive divinely inspired guidance directly.

Like any skill, praying is based on experiential learning. Therefore, the more you pray, the better. After much practice using your intuition to receive answers to prayers, you will be able to recognize divinely inspired information instantaneously.

How do you pray? Any way you want. In my experience, God is not overly picky in this area. Any sincere connection will do. I do stress sincere. The secret ingredient to having effective prayers is sincerity, and this is something you can not fake as God knows your heart.

You can pray out loud or in your head and at any time or anywhere. You don't need a religion or dogmatic spiritual practice to pray. Prayer can be as simple as a single word like "help," one of my favorite prayers. Or a "thank you" another favorite of mine. I often notice that some of the most simple prayers are all that is needed.

If you ask for something in your prayer, I recommend following up your request with, "this or something better for the highest good." This statement is very productive as we often lack the wisdom to ask for what we need. Admitting that we may not know what is in our best interest leaves ample space for the Creator to work with us for the best outcome.

God will always meet you where you are. Even if you don't think prayer works and God is not listening, start by admitting that in your prayer and keep going. Always tell God how you are truly feeling about something, even if you think your feelings are "wrong." Authenticity goes a long way. Remember, you can not hide what's in your heart from God, so give it an honest effort and keep an open mind.

All the Creator wants is your ear and the ability to form a very personal, intimate, and loving relationship with you. Yes, you! God loves you and wants the joy of taking care of you entirely but will only do so with your agreement and participation. That's why building a consistent relationship with God through prayer is so valuable.

Prayer is a gift, and it's a privilege to be able to connect with our Creator. God is here to help and support you for your highest good. Your intuition is the key to being able to receive and act on that divine guidance. When used in this way, prayer becomes an essential tool in your intuition tool kit.

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