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Expansion vs. Contraction – Important Intuitive Markers for Communicating with Your Higher Self

How do you know if you are getting intuitive guidance from a helpful source like the higher self vs. information from your mind or ego? One way is to see if the intuitive information coming in is contracting or expanding. It's important to note the difference because higher guidance accompanies expansive energy and is more apt to be accurate and helpful than its contractual counterpart.

If you have ever felt like an "overly sensitive" person, this is one of the many areas where your sensitivity gift can work for you! Let's walk through an exercise so you can experience firsthand what I mean by the feeling of expansive vs. contractive information.

Expansive Exercise

Think of something or someone you love unconditionally, such as your pet, child, or a life experience that brought you great joy. Hold this thought or memory in your mind and become vigilant of how you feel internally.

As you experience your unconditional love, your internal energy field expands and feels vibrant and open. When you receive intuitive information from your higher self, it will ride in on a similar loving and expansive feeling.

Now let's get a sense of expansive energy's counterpart – contraction.

Contraction Exercise

Think back on a time when you felt embarrassed. Perhaps you flailed an audition or were teased at some point as a child. I understand these memories are not fun to revisit, but they help with the experience of contraction. Remember that time and again, be vigilant of your inner environment as you replay that embarrassing scene.

You will notice a contractual shrinkage of your energetic body and inner environment. It's as if your aura is now skin-tight, and you don't want to let anyone in or see you. This small, hiding energy will feel uncomfortable.

Although uncomfortable, getting this firsthand experience of contractional internal energy is valuable. Being highly sensitive to your internal environment will make you an expert at accurately reading the initial wave of energy your intuitive information rides in on. This sensitivity will help you decipher if the guidance received is from a helpful source such as your higher self.

It's important to note that expansive and contractive experiences are not good or bad; they are natural expressions. It is information that can be used as signposts and tools to indicate if you want to engage with something in your internal and external environments.

If you receive an intuitive, direct knowing paired with an expansive, loving feeling, you can pretty much bet you got valuable guidance from your higher self. The final confirmation will be the positive results you see once the intuitive guidance is put into practice as directed.

[Read: Direct Knowing – The Intuitive Gold Standard] to learn how to identify direct knowing intuitive information.

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Bryson Mills
Bryson Mills
Sep 21, 2021

Thanks ffor a great read


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