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How to Have a Conversation in the Spiritual Realm

Have you ever wanted to ask for a raise at work or confront someone mistreating you only to chicken out moments before the conversation? I have. I am naturally an avoidant type who tends to skip crucial discussions due to the fear of being abandoned or rejected. However, I have discovered a tool to help me have challenging conversations. If I am not ready to confront or ask a person something, I will have a conversation with them first in the spiritual realm.

We are spiritual beings as well as human beings. Our spiritual bodies inhabit a realm with no time or space, unlike the physical world, and therefore we are continuously connected to all things at all times. As such, we can spiritually communicate with other people at any time and anywhere.

Talking with someone about sensitive topics in the spiritual space breaks the ice energetically. It can make the physical world conversation more apt to happen and be successful. Also, there are frequent instances where the matter gets sorted out in the spiritual realm, thereby avoiding the physical world conversation altogether. (My favorite scenario!)

Having a spiritual conversation can also be a valuable communication tool if you need to say something to someone you can't physically get to or has passed away. The following is a step-by-step process of how to have a conversation in the spiritual realm.

The Process of Having a Spiritual Conversation:

1. Set the intention to clear yourself and the space of all negativity. Light a candle if you can.

2. Set the intention that you only want the highest good to come forward as a result of the conversation.

3. Then, close your eyes and imagine a comfortable and neutral meeting place. For example, you can imagine walking into a room and sitting across the table from whom you wish to speak.

4. Using your visualization skills, say hello to the person you are talking to, offer a gift, and wait for them to take it. If they don't accept your gift, try offering different ones until they do.

If they don't take any of your gifts, it's an indication that their spirit is not open to talking, and I would stop the meeting at this point. I found this type of encounter is rare, and it may indicate that you need to make peace with whatever is happening on your own.

5. When the person accepts your gift, you can start the topic of conversation.

Very important; the person you are talking to is only listening throughout this whole meeting. You are the one speaking in this conversation. Explain how you feel and your desired outcome only. Avoid making the other person wrong or bad. Focus on asking for what you need. This may take some practice, especially if the person has wronged you.

6. After you have said and asked for what you need, thank the person for listening and leave the imagined meeting space.

7. Do not recall or revisit the meeting. Call the conversation complete, and move on. If you review this conversation in your mind, it will make the meeting less effective. The more you walk away energetically from the experience, the better the chance of a positive outcome.

Feel free to repeat this process several times with the same person as needed. However, if you have two or three meetings and still no progress has been made, I would take that as a hint to move on. Give the person space rather than be energetically intrusive. After your spiritual conversation, rest in the peace that you spoke your truth, and your higher self and Creator will work to deliver the best outcome for you.

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