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Why Truth Seekers are Powerful People

Have you noticed not long after making a personal breakthrough being met with resistance and setbacks? I'll give an example. Let's say I've been in a draining relationship and have tried everything to make it work. Finally, in self-love, I decided to exit that relationship and immediately enter another where I'm treated in the same way. I am met with blocks and even backsliding just when I thought I was making progress and positive changes.

This type of scenario is common. It may suck, but you are on track if you see setbacks to your goals. Like it or not, our Creator and higher self will test us to see if we learned from our past experiences and grew in consciousness. Sometimes the test may seem harder than the circumstance we just endured! Again, this is normal. There's a solution – pass the test by being aware this is happening and avoiding, at all costs, repeating unhelpful beliefs and behaviors.

We can't escape adversity as humans, but with the help of intuitive guidance from our higher self, we can gather the strength and wisdom needed to navigate any setback. The Creator tests us to make sure we are ready for the good things coming in life. If we live in a lie or not authentically, we may not recognize or accept the gifts God is trying to give us.

Living an authentic life is not for the faint of heart. Not only are we tested by our Creator to see if we have indeed matured, but unhelpful entities will deliberately attempt to take us off our soul's path. Call this malevolent energy what you want, but an opposing force does try to keep us in a comfort zone even to our detriment. This force can show up as an inner critic constantly questioning and undermining everything we try to accomplish.

It takes a lot of willpower and discipline to face the truth and live life authentically no matter what shows up. Great stamina is needed to overcome disappointing circumstances and maintain a positive focus on reaching goals. Our task is to keep going in the face of difficulties by seeing them as information to help us attain our true heart's desires faster.

The path towards truth and authentic living is worth it. Once fully rooted in love and acceptance for yourself, there is very little that will stand in your way. You will be able to meet life's obstacles head-on and not be defined or hindered by them. You will know yourself and what you need to thrive on a deep level. A person who can do this is truly powerful.

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