How the Higher Self will Take You Higher

The higher self is a realm of consciousness in which you can perceive information/energy and apply it if you choose. I use the words "information" and "energy" interchangeably here because when experience energy coming from your higher self, it will equate to information.

Here's how you may intuit information coming from your higher self: Energy from your higher self can be perceived as a picture or vision (clairvoyance), an emotion (empathic information), audio (clairaudience), sensations (clairsentience), smells (clairalience) and even taste (clairgustance). However, the most reliable way to perceive information from your higher self is through direct knowing (claircognizance) because, in my experience, it's often the most accurate.

Direct knowing is when you receive energy/information from your higher self, and it does not pass through your five physical senses before coming into your consciousness. It's just known. It's unequivocal. Certain and clear at its core. There's an element of peace present, even if the information is seemingly undesirable.

Have you ever just KNOWN something without any evidence or reasoning? For example, have you ever had an awareness that you should call a family member or friend because they need help? Then when you call, you discover they actually do need your help even if it's just to lend an ear. This is what I mean when I refer to a direct knowing experience.

A direct knowing coming from your higher self the most valuable information out there. Why? Because your higher self is the part of you that can be likened as your soul. It's your spirit, essence, and the part of you that is directly linked with God and God's purpose for you as a spirit living in a human body. Essentially this higher self is who you truly are.

It's important to know that the most genuine part of yourself is not the physical body. Your body, mind, emotions, and five senses are the vehicle, the mechanism, for your higher self, or soul, to act out its plan in this dense physical world. Your higher self and God know what is for your highest good, so it's wise to develop the most conscious and close relationship with these two as best you can. You want to be in cahoots with their plan so you can thrive in life the way you were truly meant.

You, as a human, do have a will and choices to make on your own. It's like you are the captain of your ship (your body), but your higher self and Creator are the stars (the map or blueprint of your purpose). Without their guidance and navigation, you may go places in life, but they may not be the best ones, and you most likely won't get there efficiently. Or you could get stuck in the doldrums of life and go nowhere.

No other part of you, other than your higher self, knows your true expression and unique blueprint. That is why a strong intuitive connection with your higher self, and its loving guidance, is the foundation for a thriving and productive life.

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In this blog, you will learn how to identify your spiritual realm of consciousness. This is the level of consciousness where you can perceive your higher self through a direct knowing experience.

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