Modernizing Rituals – How to Up Your Intuition Game

How do you hear your intuition? Start by creating a ritual.

Rituals are powerful tools because doing something that's marked and repetitive will imprint your subconscious mind. If you create a practice to help you get into your intuitive space and then do this method over and over, accessing your intuition will become second nature – like riding a bike or driving a car. In time, with the aid of your ritual practice, you will be able to jump into your intuitive "zone" anywhere and in little or no time.

Creating a ritual can involve any objects and processes you choose. The only requirement is that your practice has some quiet intuitive listening time built into it. The most important thing is to pick something that resonates and feels powerful.

Here's a simple 3 step guideline to help you get started with your intuitive ritual practice:

1. Light a candle and some sage to help clear the space of negative energies.

2. Sit in the same room and place each time you invoke intuitive guidance from your higher self and God.

3. Then, set strong intentions to clear the ritual space of all negativity, and you only want to receive intuitive information for your highest good.

It is essential to set these two intentions before accessing your intuition. For more information on intention setting, [Read: The #1 Tool for Accessing Your Intuition]

Something to keep in mind is the ritual processes, and ritual items are powerful because we assign that power to them. You are all you need to hear your intuitive guidance. The ritual is just a tool to help you hone your intuitive skills.

In summary, conditioning your subconscious mind to listen to intuitive guidance with the aid of ritual practice is a sure-fire way to help you more efficiently and accurately hear divinely inspired guidance. Your subconscious will take orders from your conscious mind and work for you, widening the doorways for intuitive discovery.

Take your time creating a ritual and make sure it has meaning for you. During your ritual practice, remember to have reverence for the ability to directly communicate with your higher self and Creator through your intuitive gift.


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