The #1 Tool for Accessing Your Intuition

Intention is a powerful creative force. Your strong and repetitive intentions will condition your subconscious and conscious mind to look for certain things. What your intentions are while you are doing or creating something will steer you towards a particular outcome. Therefore it's critical to be aware of your true intentions in all matters of life.

Intention is defined as a thing intended; aim or plan. When listening for intuitive guidance, your intention, or conscious aim is of paramount importance. A strong, clear intention gives you the best chance of hitting your target, which is divinely inspired information from your higher self and God. This focused energy stream is your ticket to high levels of intuitive guidance that, if applied as directed, will have a lasting positive impact on your life.

Each time you listen for intuitive guidance, set firm, clear intentions to clear the space of all negativity, and then ask for only information for your highest good to come through. Don't budge with these intentions, and don't take no for an answer. God meets us at the point of action, so aim high, and you will receive high levels of spiritual information.

There are endless amounts of psychic information available; however, most of it is unhelpful. It's like surfing the internet. You may find tons of information, but not what you are looking for without a clear focus or aim. Your higher wisdom and Creator are the safe go-to's when looking for intuitive guidance as they know and lovingly support your unique life purpose.

Remember that having strong intentions to clear all negativity present and only to receive intuitive guidance for your highest good will safeguard you from unhelpful extrasensory information.

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