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How to Avoid This Common Roadblock to Hearing Your Intuition

Perhaps you have heard from spiritual teachings that a lessening of the ego will bring you in closer alignment with your soul. In a sense, this is true because a dense, fully running ego is internally loud and tends to override intuitive information.

Despite its noisy influence, it's important to understand there is nothing inherently wrong with your ego. It is an integral part of who you are. It can be beneficial as a motivator in your human life and should be embraced and utilized appropriately.

What is the ego anyway?

Your ego is your mental realm and emotional realm of consciousness combined. The outward expression of your ego is perceived as your personality. Your mental realm is essentially the intellect and the thoughts in your mind. The emotional realm of consciousness is a big body of moving energy that is mostly perceived as emotions.

Your emotions and thoughts in your head can be a huge obstacle to hearing intuitive information – the more feelings and thoughts that are happening within you, the denser these realms of consciousness. At full capacity, the ego takes up a lot of space energetically (meaning it's friggin dense), and it can become all but impossible to hear any intuitive guidance from your higher self.

There are ways to quiet your ego and have it take a back seat so you can hear intuitive information more clearly and accurately. One way is by meditating. Meditation is a great way to practice quieting the mind and the subsequent emotions from your thoughts. Exercise can be another way to temporarily "turn off" your ego as you become more present in your physical body.

When you achieve a peaceful, internal state, you give your ego and personality a break. As your internal environment becomes calmer, the softer energies of your higher self can are perceived. Your soul and God will often speak in whispers, so having a quiet inner environment is key to hearing this intuitive guidance. Fostering a tranquil and light space within will help make you an expert intuitive reader.

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