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4 Ways to Hear Your Intuition

We have four areas of consciousness that we experience life from. One is through the physical body and its five senses; a second is through our emotions; the third is through our thoughts, and; fourth through our spirit or soul. The spiritual level of consciousness is where we can intuitively gather guidance from our higher selves. To clearly hear intuitive information from our soul-level of consciousness, we need to quiet the other three: physical, emotional, and mental. The following are four ways to calm your inner environment and allow your spiritual side to come through.

1. Exercise

Moving your body has so many benefits. It helps with your physical, emotional, and mental health, and it provides a channel to connect with your higher self. When you take a walk in a quiet place, you give your mind and emotions a chance to relax. With your thoughts and feelings on hold, you give your higher self a chance to shine through.

Intuitive info can come in like a flash while exercising, such as an ah-ha moment. If you get one, write this down on your phone so that you won't forget. You will find that often the most helpful information can come in when you are moving your body and clearing your mind.

2. Outside and Near Water

Natural outdoor beauty and water have intuitive, friendly properties. There is a sense of awe when we look at the night sky or a beautiful sunset on the ocean. Nature's beauty will naturally shut off our inhibitions and allow a deeper part of us to come into awareness. When we become humbled by the magnificence of nature, we come into alignment with our higher selves.

Water, in particular, is a strong channel for intuitive information. If you can be near or in water, it will serve as a natural current for soul-level information. If you don't live near a body of water, next time you are in the shower, take a mental break and listen as the water rushes over you. You will be surprised at what intuitively comes through.

3. Use an Intuitive Tool, such as a Tarot Deck

Sometimes we need a little extra help getting out of our thoughts and emotions to hear our intuitive guidance. Divination can be an excellent tool for your higher self to communicate with you by bypassing your emotional and mental realms of consciousness. You can temporarily place your inner wisdom outside of you and let it speak to you through a tool, such as a tarot deck.

However, divination is an advanced method for hearing higher guidance because it can be easy to mistake that the tarot cards, for example, hold the answers rather than your higher self. Always remember that divination is just a tool and not the source.

4. Meditation and Grounding

It's no secret that meditation can calm the mind, emotions and help bring you into the present moment. Meditation can also quiet the physical environment if you choose to meditate while still and in a quiet place. Because of this, meditation an extremely effective tool for accessing your intuition. With all your other layers of consciousness quiet, your soul-level guidance has an opportunity to come through loud and clear.

Meditation can take many forms, from quiet mindfulness to active movement and imagination exercises. One active meditation that is crucial for hearing high levels of intuitive guidance is grounding. Visualizing grounding your physical and spiritual bodies is essential for fostering a tranquil and focused inner environment.

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A quick reminder that your soul-level of consciousness is always loving, inclusive, and rides on a wave of peace. Look for these qualities as you quiet your internal environment and tune into your inner wisdom.

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