4 Ways to Reclaim Your Energy

Ever felt drained after a conversation with someone or attending a large gathering? There's a reason. Sometimes we misplace part of our spiritual bodies as we engage with others, whether in person or just in our thoughts. However, there is a way to reclaim our lost energy.

We have a spiritual body, and it's under our control, much like our physical one. The physical body is bound by time and space in our dense physical reality, while our spiritual body is not. Often we are not aware of what our spiritual body is doing because we can't physically see it, and most of us have not been taught how to observe what it is doing.

We were taught to respect others' bodies by not getting too close or touching someone without permission. This same courtesy applies to the spiritual bodies. We need to know what our spiritual body is doing so we don't inadvertently overstep our bounds. Having an awareness of our spiritual body and keeping it to ourselves is a good habit that will bring greater comfort to us and others.

You may have experienced an overstepping of a spiritual body. An example would be that you walk into a crowded room, and you instantly feel drained and confused. This is most likely because your or someone else's spiritual body, or aura, is spread throughout the room and absorbs with other spiritual bodies. Others in the room may also feel this inadvertent energetic invasion and avoid certain people knowing why.

Being fully present in your spiritual body will help keep it close to you and free from mingling with unwanted outside energies. The more present and aware you are in the spiritual body, the more confident you will feel about your physical surroundings, which will lessen anxiousness and overwhelming feelings.

The following are 4 ways to become present in your spiritual body so that it's behaving in a conducive way to you and others.

1. Acknowledge that this phenomenon is happening. If you suspect your spiritual body is invading others' space, don't beat yourself up over it. We all do it, and it's completely unintentional for most of us. Often, we don't feel great energetically because we are overextended spiritually and mistakenly pick up others' energy as our own. Just becoming aware that your energy has been misplaced will bring it back to you.

2. Ground your physical and spiritual bodies. Grounding is a powerful tool to help you become present. You ground through intention and visualizing releasing energy that isn't yours and then collecting back your lost energy. Grounding often brings immediate visceral relief as you become more fully present in your spiritual and physical bodies.

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To learn how to get grounded.

3. Attending to your physical body. Taking care of your physical body helps your spiritual body, too. Eating healthfully, physical exercise, being fully rested, and hydrated all help bring your energy back to you and keep your physical and spiritual components working closely together in harmony. If you feel energetically out of sorts, these are all excellent ways to start reclaiming your energy fast.

4. Refrain from excessive thoughts about others. When you think about others, a part of you energetically goes to them and enters their spiritual body or aura. After thinking about someone in a prolonged and, especially, negative way, a large amount of you will be in their energetic field. You will most likely make this person subconsciously uncomfortable, and they may even start avoiding you. You will also feel confused and uncomfortable, having lost so much of your energy. It's very important to keep your thoughts balanced and light to maintain a firm footing in your spiritual self.

Reclaiming our lost spiritual energy will not only feel great for us and others, but it will also help tremendously with hearing our intuitive guidance. The more present and aware we are in our spiritual body, the higher levels of intuitive information we will receive from our higher self.


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