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Are Nagging Feelings Intuitive Guidance?

Feelings are powerful, contagious, and carry an abundant amount of information. They are also often inconsistent and not based on reality. Although emotions can tell you a lot about yourself, they are not reliable sources for making crucial decisions due to their highly mutable behavior.

Despite emotions' wild and erratic behavior, they can be used as signposts directing you toward inner wisdom. To use your feelings to hear the higher self, you will first need to observe them from a neutral space to see what they reveal. Specifically, repetitive (or what I refer to as nagging) feelings and the insight received from them are what you want to observe from a neutral space.

It's healthy to acknowledge and express all emotions in a balanced way. However, in utilizing emotions for intuitive guidance, you mainly want to watch for two things: the types of feelings you are experiencing and how repetitive they are. Often, it's the consistently triggering feelings that end up pointing towards an opportunity for growth and healing. Still, these can be challenging feelings to observe neutrally and intuit their deeper message.

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When observing nagging feelings objectively, you may notice that they are not feelings at all. This is because receiving intuitive guidance from a helpful source such as your higher self or God will come in as a neutral and direct knowingWhen looking at nagging feelings for intuitive guidance, you aim to find the nagging knowings behind the emotions themselves.

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Be vigilant and highly sensitive to what's happening in your internal environment when looking for nagging knowings because they are often quickly accompanied by a nagging feeling. The feeling you receive from your knowing may steer you to act differently on the initial intuitive guidance.

The desire to deviate from your higher wisdom is common if your ego is not on the same page. Instead, the ego may produce an emotion that will deter you from following through with your higher self's intuitive guidance, and, in some cases, the objecting feeling will be so loud that you won't hear the initial guidance at all.

Once you become aware of your nagging knowings and feelings that accompany them, watch for patterns in your consciousness for what they are trying to convey. For example, nagging knowings can encourage you to keep quiet, speak up, reach out to someone, or change an unhelpful habit.

Remember, if you repeatedly get a neutral nudge to take specific actions, you are most likely getting direct guidance from a beneficial spiritual source such as your higher self or God.

Paying attention to nagging knowings and their subsequent feelings is fruitful because your higher self and God will be relentless when a change is for your highest good. They will not leave you alone and consistently guide you to be the most authentic version of yourself.

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