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Why You Shouldn't Trust Your Gut Feelings

As a human being, you have a physical body and a spiritual body. Your spiritual body is inside and outside of your physical body. The part of your spiritual body that processes emotional well-being, among many other things, is found about where the stomach sits. Some call this part of your spiritual body the 2nd chakra. When you receive psychic or intuitive information through this energetic spiritual center, you will likely refer to the experience as a gut feeling.

Gut feelings can be likened to hunches and are often viscerally felt. Your 2nd chakra picks up a ton of extrasensory information, and you may notice a contraction sensation in the pit of your stomach when it becomes unbalanced. You can ease emotional discomfort caused by an overloaded 2nd chakra by crossing your arms or placing a hand on your stomach and physically walking away from the person or situation. By doing so, will stop the flow of energy to this area.

Since so much information comes in through the 2nd chakra, why would we not look to gut feelings for intuitive information? The reason being feelings are incredibly fickle. Feelings can alert you that something in your internal or external environment needs your attention. However, I would refrain from over-analyzing emotions because they are not a good base to make decisions from, especially important ones.

Emotions tell you how you feel and not necessarily the truth. Often, they may not be your emotions at all. You could be picking up the feelings of someone else and mistaking them as your own. This phenomenon is called an empathic experience.

Relying on intuitive information coming from the energetic spiritual center found in your head's center, rather than the center of your stomach, will assist you with making wise decisions. This is because the part of your spiritual body located in the center of your head is inherently neutral, certain, and present. Thereby, any intuitive guidance received from this area is more apt to be reliable and accurate.

When you get an internal alarm from a gut feeling, thank it. Then, through your intention, move the gut feeling energy up to your head's center to ask for higher self input to determine what to do next, if anything. You will thank yourself for intuitively listening from your head's center because decisions made from this part of your spiritual body will be decisive and productive.

Direct knowing information is what you want to look for when listening to your intuition. Direct knowings do not come with an emotional charge and are the most reliable form of spiritual communication.

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