Becoming a Spiritual Scientist

Hearing your intuition is only one half of living a Spirit-led life. The other half is investigating to see if the guidance received is valuable. Becoming a spiritual scientist means applying the intuitive information obtained and then tracking it over time to see if you are reaching specific goals. It's important to validate if your intuitive guidance is from a trustworthy and qualified source such as the higher self or God.

As a spiritual scientist, you will measure the value of intuitive guidance by way of specific benchmarkers you wish to achieve. These markers, or goals, will be personal to you. For example, I use the markers of an increase in joy and peace. Meaning, I will investigate to see if I experience more inner joy and peace after experimenting with new habits and behaviors as guided by my higher self.

I like to use these specific markers because they are also qualities of the higher self. If my inner life starts to exhibit more joy and peace due to following my intuition, I can deduce that the guidance I received is most likely from a high-level source such as my soul or God.

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To measure if intuitive information is adding value to your life, you will need to track it. Before you begin tracking, take a baseline of your feelings regarding the life situation you aim to improve. Create this baseline in any way that makes sense to you. For example, use a 1 to 10 scale. You can also do daily journal entries and reread them to track progress and look for patterns. I recommend a combination of a rating scale and journaling for maximum clarity on your progress.

Let's say, for example, I am aiming to become a more patient person. I would first evaluate how patient I am generally now on a 1 to 10 scale, with one being highly impatient and ten being an extremely patient person. After my initial evaluation, I give myself a baseline of three on this scale, and my goal is to rank at seven or above.

After finding my baseline, I would then listen for intuitive guidance on how to increase my patience levels. After applying the guidance, I would periodically check in and rerank myself to see if I am becoming a more patient person. If I rank myself at seven consistently after six months, I can confidently see that my intuitive guidance has helped me achieve my goal.

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Since learning to access and implement intuitive information from the higher self is often a gradual process, it's not uncommon to think you're not progressing towards your goals. Your life situation could seem like it's not improving at all. That's why initially writing things down and then periodically revisiting how things are going after the intuitive guidance is applied is vital. You will read it in black and white if the intuitive information works in your life and has value.

Once you start to see tangible positive results in your life situation, this process will become more like second nature. Soon you will be an adept spiritual scientist using your intuition for soul-level insight to achieve goals. It's essential to focus on and celebrate your intuitive victories, big or small. It will motivate you to keep going and growing.


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