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Can First Impressions be Intuitive Guidance?

First impressions are noteworthy when they come from the higher self. They are helpful knowings that nudge you toward or away from someone or something. First impressions can also be deceiving if they are coming from the ego. It is vital to distinguish between a helpful, intuitive first impression versus a deceptive egoic one to avoid making unproductive decisions.

When evaluating the validity of a first impression, the first step is to write it down. This way, you won't forget or edit the experience. The tendency to rewrite the initial hunch to a more favorable perception can happen, especially if you are emotionally attached to a specific outcome. This is often the case when dating. You may have an understanding right away that a certain love interest is not a good fit but will reason away that knowing because the feeling of falling in love is preferred over the reality of the situation.

Next, notice and then record how you feel about the first impression. Are you feeling strong emotions, whether positive or negative? What are they? Or are you noticing that there is not much of an initial charge around the impression for you? Either way, write it down.

Last, you want to evaluate the first impression. If you notice judgments (i.e. "should" statements) paired with strong negative emotions, your first impression is most likely coming from the ego and not the higher self. If you suspect your first impression is an egoic judgment, you will want to recall if you have been influenced by biased sources, such as gossip or misleading news articles. As a rule of thumb, if negative judgments are present and you can find a clear source of where those judgments came from, your ego is most likely making a first assessment rather than your intuition delivering helpful guidance.

However, strong positive emotions such as flattery can also indicate an egoic first impression. For example, charismatic people can manipulate the ego. Their favorable first impression may persuade you to buy or do something for them regardless of if it is in your best interest.

When the first impression is coming from your higher self, it will come in as a clear and neutral knowing, even if you later evaluate the impression as desirable or undesirable. Judgments will not come in on an unbiased wave of energy because something or someone is either right or wrong. It is possible to intuitively receive an undesirable inkling without judging it as wrong. You are looking for this initial neutrality when deciding if your initial hunch is reliable, intuitive guidance.

If your first impression is unexpected, memorable, certain, and initially feels unbias, then you are most likely getting guidance from your higher self. Furthermore, if there doesn't seem to be any real reason for the first impression, that can indicate that you are receiving higher guidance. Often your inner wisdom provides no physical or rational proof for the first impression. The lack of hard evidence for your intuitive hit can point to its accuracy and reliability.

It's imperative to keep track of first impressions to remember them accurately, so you do not reason away any helpful, intuitive guidance. It will save and protect you from going down challenging life paths or being distracted and misled by others. First impressions are a common and invaluable function of your intuition and can be one of your greatest tools for efficiently navigating life.

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