Developing an Intuitive Temperament

Being present, neutral, and receptive are essential characteristics for hearing intuitive guidance. The intuitive temperament of a present and objectively clear observer is an attitude and disposition you create inside of yourself, so intuitive guidance has a place to come in and be witnessed.

To be open and receptive to intuitive guidance from your higher self and God, you will also need to create an internal environment that energetically matches them. Your higher self and God are omnipresent – meaning they are always present and without time. They are best defined as unconditional love as that is how they express themselves towards you. Therefore, when listening for intuitive guidance from these spiritual sources, you aim to have an inner space fully in the present moment and full of unconditional love.

Being present means that thoughts about the past and future reside so that there is only the present moment. Likewise, the story of your life and where you perceive it is going will need to fall away so you are without expectations and judgments and can remain fully open in the present moment. Essentially you are suspending your personality or ego as you listen for intuitive guidance so you can become present and neutral without expectations. This is a tall order, but you only need to maintain this state while looking and receiving intuitive guidance, which can take seconds.

To more closely match the unconditional love energies of God and your higher self, you will want to refrain from all negative judgments about yourself, others, life circumstances – everything. To be fully open to intuitive guidance, you must be fully receptive to all information received. If you have biases about how something should or shouldn't be, you will energetically cut yourself off from receiving all the Divine guidance available to you because you won't see it. Again, I know holding a non-judgmental attitude can sometimes be challenging, but you only need to suspend judgments long enough to receive intuitive guidance.

Tip: If you have trouble dropping into an unconditional love space, I recommend taking a few seconds to reflect on the love you have for a child or pet, as this will drop you in the unconditional love zone quickly.

When judgments are no longer present, you will be inherently neutral. You won't have an agenda of what the intuitive guidance will say or how you will experience it. You will become fully open and ready to receive what is for your highest good from the highest possible spiritual sources – God and your higher self.

Every time you come into your intuitive practice, consciously decide to stay in the present moment and suspend negative judgments. Set an intention that you are open and receptive to all that is for your highest good and watch with neutrality like a spiritual scientist what comes in. Take notes and follow up with the guidance received to see if it has value. If it does, you know you are on the right intuitive track.

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