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The Still, Silent Pause of an Intuitive Knowing

The most powerful and reliable way to hear intuitive guidance is through a direct knowing experience. This knowing is information that is perceived without going through an emotional or reasoning process. Key hallmarks of a direct knowing experience are an internal stillness that appears to stop time and the unequivocal nature of the knowledge received. This brief and informatively clear pause is so subtle it can go unnoticed, but it's unmistakable once recognized.

When an intuitive direct knowing hits you, it doesn't last long. Typically only a few seconds, but that timeframe will feel longer because the experience consumes everything else, including the concept of time. It can feel as if the world melts away and that you have stepped into a dream. It feels this way because, during an intuitive knowing experience, you contact spiritual sources such as the higher self and Creator God – who reside in a non-physical plane of existence without time or space constraints.

When experiencing an intuitive knowing, you may have a physical reaction such as goosebumps or either lose or gain function in one or more of your physical senses. For example, you may feel your vision blurs slightly, or perhaps colors seem to brighten. This is because the intuitive sixth sense predominates during a direct knowing and may use the five physical senses to draw further attention to the experience. For me, inner stillness paired with vibrancy in colors are signals I am receiving a direct knowing and to pay attention to the guidance coming through.

An intuitive knowing is often unexpected, and the experience cannot be contrived. Paradoxically, direct knowings are more likely to be experienced if intentionally sought after; however, it does help not to expect it. The higher self and Creator God are mysterious and reveal information to us in spiritual timing, not ours. Because of this, the chances of us expecting an intuitive knowing to arrive at the same time as Spirit sends it is highly unlikely, therefore typically making the experience a surprise.

If you are sensitive enough to become aware of the still, silent pause and benevolent guidance of an intuitive direct knowing, write it down or immediately act on the advice. Whatever you do, don't overthink the process. It can be common to pick apart the potentially life-changing intuitive guidance by reasoning it away.

Though typically profound, intuitive direct knowings often come in with seemingly mundane information, such as advice to turn left to avoid traffic. No matter what type of guidance comes through, you are looking for the same internal markers of stillness and certainty for identifying this reliable and helpful level of intuitive knowledge.

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