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What is Spiritual Timing and How to Intuitively Tap Into It

The spiritual and physical worlds are two areas of existence that we continuously inhabit; however, they play by different rules regarding time. Spiritual timing will always supersede physical world timing because our spiritual self is omnipresent.

Physical-world reality operates on a space-time continuum. Time appears to happen in a linear fashion where there is a past, present, and expected future. We have concrete ways to measure and keep track of time using numbers and external events such as day, night, and seasons. The aging process is also evidence of our physical world's passage of time.

The spiritual-world reality differs because it doesn't operate on a linear timeline or space continuum. Spiritual timing only occurs in the present and will adapt to an individual's free will choices. The higher self will use the best physical-world experiences available in the present moment to expand our awareness that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Our Creator has a unique path and purpose set for each of us and has all the time in the world, so to speak, to help us fulfill our dharma or Divine destiny. As humans, we have a choice to slow down but not stop this unfolding of our essential nature. Despite our intentions, our spiritual self will evolve by growing in greater awareness of itself by whatever means possible.

One example of how to delay spiritual timing is to take a job that is not for your highest good – meaning the position does not inherently help you grow into a better, more authentic version of yourself. The higher self will use a current circumstance to put you back in alignment with the most efficient timing of your spiritual development. For instance, you may get furloughed because of an unforeseen event, and while away from the job, you have a revelation that this position was unhealthy.

The Creator will allow you to put up blocks to your life purpose and then turn them into an opportunity to get back on your spiritual path. Your free will and unhelpful expectations and behaviors keep you in unfavorable circumstances for as long as you let them. Still, when the time is right for your spiritual unfolding, the higher self and God will be there waiting to evolve you forward without delay.

Developing a daily spiritual practice will help your physical world life run more efficiently. During the daily practice, check in to see if the decisions you are about to make are in sync with spiritual timing. It's productive to get in the habit of asking if a particular choice is in favorable timing so that your highest good can unfold at the fasted rate and with ease.

Since the Creator's timing for your life's purpose will unfold sooner or later, it's fruitful to get on board by intuitively listening and following your higher self's guidance. Your Creator and higher self's constant and loving course correction will always help even in the smallest moments of life. When syncing with your personalized spiritual timing, rest in the knowledge you are guided and provided for, always.

[Read: Developing a Spiritual Practice] for help with creating a method to get in sync with your spiritual timing and Divine purpose.

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