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Three Major Hindrances to Hearing Your Intuition

Certain mental and emotional processes can take up a lot of your internal space. It is hard to make room for the higher self's subtle guidance with a head full of thoughts. If you find you have trouble hearing your intuitive guidance, check to see if you are in one of the following categories. Then use the suggested antidotes to open your intuitive flow.

1. Worry. If you are worried about what lies ahead, you will have a tough time hearing your intuition. When your internal environment is noisy with worrisome thoughts and subsequent anxious emotions, you will be stressed. Your internal space could become fully consumed with these mental and emotional processes if unchecked leaving little room for intuitive support.

Antidote. Stop thinking. Give the mind a rest and release your situation to your Creator to work out for the highest good. There are ways to let your mind take a breather, such as; reading a book, watching a movie, exercise, meditate/pray, or socialize. Do anything healthy to get your mind off your worry and start immediately. The sooner you become aware of worrisome thinking, the easier it will be to stop it. By doing so, you will remain intuitively open to action steps and solutions regarding your situation.

2. Being right. The need to be right can cost you a lot, including not hearing intuitive guidance. When you have a strong position about how something should be, you are energetically closed off and miss creative alternatives and perspectives. Accessing your intuition requires you to be internally nimble and neutral. Fighting to be right (even if you are) will cancel out these essential qualities.

There are times when being right is necessary. For example, when abuse or dangerous circumstances are present. However, being right is generally overrated. A vast majority of the time, we don't achieve our desired outcome by being right if we are honest with ourselves. The need to be right is mostly an ego trip and will take us away from our intuitive guidance, not to mention most of our relationships.

Antidote. Assess if being right about something will bring the outcome you seek. If it doesn't, loosen yourself up to other ways of being and communication styles. Become a neutral observer, looking at things objectively, and refrain from taking things personally. Give yourself a break from the responsibility of correcting others and concentrate instead on what your internal guidance is telling you.

3. Doubt. Doubt will keep you stuck and second-guessing every move by telling that you or others are not trustworthy, qualified, or ready. Watch for these negative thoughts as they are most likely untrue. What is true is that we all make mistakes and learn from them. There is nothing wrong with a trial and error approach to life; in fact, it's necessary for growth. We need to push past doubt, going outside our comfort zones to achieve our goals and dreams.

Doubting while accessing your intuition will stop helpful guidance dead in its tracks. You will procrastinate or dismiss every piece of intuitive information you get. Doubt will prevent you from applying the intuitive ideas that will help you thrive.

Antidote. Let go of guilt. Most doubt is linked to guilty feelings about how we've behaved in the past. When this guilt is subconscious, it gets released as doubt. This guilt makes us feel that we are not good enough to go for our dreams. Our guilt will use doubt to keep us in a place of inaction.

You can break the cycle of guilt and unworthiness by forgiving yourself. You acknowledge that you did the best you could at the time, and that is all you could have done at that moment. Having forgiveness for yourself for being an imperfect human will free you from the doubt that stifles communication with your higher self by dismissing it as untrue. You are worthy of a great life and of the helpful, intuitive guidance on how to achieve it.

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