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Developing a Spiritual Practice

What is a spiritual practice, and how do I develop one?

I had a teacher tell me once, "If you want to live a Spirit lead life, you need to let Spirit lead." Having a spiritual practice does just that. It's a time and space to let your Creator and higher self come forward with their guidance on every aspect of your life.

Living a Spirit-led life is one of surrender. You are surrendering your human will to the Divine will that you were created to fulfill. It's a leap of faith that has enormous payoffs if you seek and follow your higher guidance.

To let your higher guidance come through, you first need to carve out time to hear it regularly. I recommend creating a daily spiritual practice ritual as a method for doing this.

Daily rituals are powerful tools to help you hear higher guidance because when something is done repeatedly with a firm intention, it will imprint your subconscious mind. By engaging in a regular spiritual practice, you are powerfully programming your subconscious to look for and follow higher intuitive guidance. This conditioning of the subconscious will aid you in identifying higher wisdom more readily and clearly.

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Your spiritual practice will be unique to you. I strongly recommend that sincere prayer is a part of your practice. You will need quiet alone time as well. I also suggest lighting a candle as a flame attracts and transmutes negative energy and will keep your ritual space sacred and feeling light.

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Remember to let Spirit lead. You create a sacred space for the higher self to come in and give the best way forward through your spiritual practice. Therefore, coming into your practice with a laundry list of what "should" happen will only hamper your higher guidance. By doing so, you minimize the space for the higher self to give alternative suggestions and viewpoints.

After your spiritual practice, you will want to work as a spiritual scientist and write down the guidance you receive. If you receive action steps from your higher self and follow them, keep track of those actions' results over time with specific benchmarkers. This step of tracing is crucial because the higher self will typically nudge you to make small positive changes daily. You may miss how much personal growth has taken place if you don't track your progress.

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In time, after the benefits of a spiritual practice are experienced, you won't be able to imagine your life without it. Having a regular direct connection with the higher self is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. To know, through experience, that you are guided and supported in all areas of life will cultivate a strong inner peace and sense of value.

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