Intuition is Your Untapped Superpower

Intuition is a direct perception or knowing independent of any reasoning process.

Intuition is a way to perceive information that does not come from the mind or logic. It’s also not emotional information. It’s different. You can receive information from another source other than your mind or emotions, and you can use your intuition to get it. You can use your intuition to get information directly from your higher self and God.

Your intuition is a sense, like your five physical senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, smell. Intuition is a sixth sense and is not bound to the physical realm like your other five senses. Therefore it behaves differently, as it is not subject to the universal principles of space and time.

Since intuitive information does not have time or space constraints, you don’t need to wait for it to go someplace and return to you, unlike sound, for example, which takes time to travel through the air so you can hear it. Intuitive information appears instantly.

You can use your intuition to pick up any extrasensory information. For example, your intuitive function can retrieve guidance from those who have died or spirit guides. Although these types and other psychic information can be helpful, I find that the most consistent, useful, and reliable information comes directly from your higher self and God.

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To learn more about the characteristics of your higher self and God.

The higher self and Creator know your life path and purpose and are the most trusted spiritual resources. Using your innate gift of intuition to contact and receive information from your soul-level of consciousness directly is a powerful tool that can help you effectively navigate life.

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