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Test the Spirits

Are there other non-physical sources besides the higher self from which you can gather intuitive guidance? Yes, and many of these spiritual entities are eager to tell you how to manage your life even though they are unqualified to do so.

Like humans, spirits are: nice, not-so-nice, neutral, and can be a combination of all the above. It's imperative to vet all intuitive knowledge to ensure it's coming from a credible source like your higher self or Creator God.

You need discernment in the spiritual realm just as much as you do in your physical life. For example, just as you would not take a stranger's advice on who you should date, you don't want to take advice from the first disembodied voice that comes your way without investigation. Always vet extrasensory information with what you know to be true in your heart and input from trusted loved ones and experts.

My spiritual teachers have taught me to "test the spirits" to see where they are from and the validity of what they are communicating. One way to test a spirit is simply by asking. Ask if they are of the light and back up what they say. If the spirit gets offended or fights back by your line of questioning, tell them no thanks and send them on their way

There are a few things to keep in mind as you consider the validity and helpfulness of guidance from a disembodied source. Helpful spirits and your higher self will never feel intrusive or demanding. Also, beneficial spirits from the light never panicked, and they don't bargain or give ultimatums. Be vigilant for those who say you must do something now, or it will never happen. It's most likely a trick to get you to make a rash and unhelpful decision.

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By birthright, you come with your unique life path and purpose, making you the best person to make decisions about your life. Your higher self and Creator know your purpose and what it will take to grow into a more authentic version of yourself. They are your safe go-to for spiritual guidance.

We all need advice from time to time, but the best mentors and teachers, whether in the physical or spiritual realm of existence, will always lead you back to your truth and hold you accountable for your life decisions. One of the strongest forms of spiritual protection and healing is to take 100% responsibility for your inner life. This internal ownership is where your real power lies and will free the need for constant external validation that is often misleading.

To further protect yourself spiritually, ground your body, and set a strong intention to only receive guidance from the higher self or Creator God before listening for intuitive knowledge.

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