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Intuition and Bad News

Receiving bad news will inevitably happen when listening to your intuition. Your higher guidance will always provide information that is for the highest good and most helpful at that moment. When this guidance does not match your desires, you may interpret the information as unwanted or even dreaded. If you find that you are at odds with your intuitive guidance, it can be because of one of the following three reasons.

3 Reasons Why You are Receiving Unwanted Intuitive Guidance

1. The intuitive guidance you want to hear is not for your highest good.

2. The intuitive guidance received is not from a trusted source such as your higher self or God. Instead, you may be receiving inaccurate information from your ego or an unhelpful entity.

3. You accurately hear your higher guidance but do not trust it, lacking the faith that your inner wisdom knows best and works things out for the highest good.

It is crucial to read intuitive guidance objectively, which can be challenging when perceived as bad news. A great deal of personal integrity and authenticity is needed. It's helpful to be as honest as you can about your desires and intentions. Think of yourself as a detective looking to verify if your intuitive guidance is deliberately taking you off your soul's path and be open to course-correcting when necessary.

If you are unsure if your intuitive guidance is coming from a trustworthy source, you can use a few energetic benchmarkers to decipher if the information received is helpful. These specific benchmarkers are energies that are expansive, peaceful, and neutral.

The initial energy of the information you receive is particularly vital to detect when identifying helpful, intuitive guidance. You want to observe if the initial guidance came in as a contractive or expansive experience. You will also want to note if any bad news was received neutrally and peacefully, as in a direct knowing experience. An intuitive direct knowing from your higher self or God is the most reliable source of spiritual information.

Communicating with Your Higher Self] to learn how to detect expansive and contractual energies.

[Read: Direct Knowing – The Intuitive Gold Standard] to learn how to detect high sources of intuitive information.

Identifying the initial energy accurately can get tricky. If your ego is not on board with the unwanted news, the initial direct knowing experience and peaceful, neutral, and expansive energies will be quickly followed by a contraction, worry, and anxiety. This shift can happen almost instantly, so it is key to be vigilant of the first energies that accompany your intuitive guidance. It is possible to receive bad news and feel peaceful and expansive as you receive it. If this is the case, the unwanted message is most likely coming from a helpful source such as your higher self.

If you determine that the intuitive guidance is from a trustworthy source, but you still resist the news, pray for help to strengthen your trust in the divine plan set out for you. Ask that you trust this all-knowing and all-loving source has your back and will work all things out for good, even in unwanted situations. Trust takes time to develop in any relationship, so it's ok if you are not there yet. The more experience you have going through life's downs and seeing your higher self and God pull you through or thwart you from making big mistakes, the more your trust will grow.

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