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Using Intuition to Find Your Life Purpose

Finding and following your Divine purpose is a worthwhile endeavor because life will feel fulfilling when in sync with your soul's desires. Intuition is an excellent tool to find your life purpose when used as part of a three-step approach: develop a spiritual practice, take action, record and evaluate results.

The first step to intuitively discovering your life purpose is to develop a daily spiritual practice. This practice involves carving out time to check in with the higher self (soul) and God to ask which action steps are for your highest good. If something is for your highest good, it means it helps you live a more authentically purposeful life. Said another way, you aim to find intuitive guidance that helps uncover your most genuine expression.

[Read: Developing a Spiritual Practice] for more on using a spiritual practice to listen for intuitive guidance.

The second step is to take action. Purpose reveals itself through action and mostly in service to others. You have to be willing to take action based on the information you receive in your spiritual practice and assess if that action is productive. If not, develop a skill set to make it ok if things go wrong and try again. Normalizing failure is an essential part of this process so that you do not give up until your purpose is realized.

The third step is to record and evaluate if your efforts produce the goal of living a more purposeful life. For this part of the process, you will become a spiritual scientist by observing if the spiritual guidance received moves you towards your goal. For example, let's say you define a life purpose as an endeavor that makes you feel whole and valuable. Therefore, you may want to develop a rating system that will track if these qualities are growing within you due to taking action steps based on the intuitive guidance in your spiritual practice.

[Read: Becoming a Spiritual Scientist] to learn how to track intuitive guidance to verify if it produces desired results.

In Summary

To find your life purpose, you must be willing to take action towards it. Not all the action steps you take towards discovering your life purpose will be productive, so you will need a system to make failure ok and try again. Persistence is everything because clarity will come if you keep taking action.

To streamline the trial and error process of finding your life purpose, take time every day in your spiritual practice to intuitively connect with your higher self or God about which action steps are best to take.

After an action step is taken, based on intuitive guidance, you will become a spiritual scientist and track your progress. Through this process, you will verify if you achieve the goal of living a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

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