Is There a God and Higher Self?

I use the term God loosely as this all-pervading, loving, and intelligent Being is essentially unknowable and cannot be defined by a single word. I also understand the word God can be triggering to some and mean many different things to others; therefore, I sometimes refer to God as Source or Creator. To me, God is the Creator of all things and has ultimate authority over them.

God is a bit of a paradox like most things spiritual. God is a mystery, yet the only way to know God is through direct experience. These two things seem to contradict each other; how could God be unknowable yet experienced and known? It's unclear how, but I know it is possible through experience. I have enough personal evidence that God exists, but I don't have a way to define this loving Being adequately.

I have experienced God's presence many times in my life, but it often went unnoticed. I wasn't taught a framework to consciously perceive the unseen until I started learning how to use my psychic abilities. In my studies, I realized that I could sense God's existence and loving guidance primarily through my intuition.

What is the higher self?

The higher self is the aspect most closely linked with your Creator. I see the higher self as another term for a soul or spirit. It is the essence of who you are and who God created you to be. The soul can receive and relay Divine information. I hear guidance from my higher self in the same way I do God, by an intuitive knowing.

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We all have extra senses to experience the unseen world beyond our five physical senses. Clairvoyant and empathic experiences are just a few examples of how we can perceive the intangible. I believe we are all born with innate psychic abilities, but some seem to be more adept than others at picking up extrasensory information. I do know that one can hone extrasensory skills once one is aware of how to use them.

Even though we have many natural psychic abilities, I find that clairvoyance and intuitive direct knowing are the most helpful and reliable communication channels with the unseen areas of existence. There is a whole area of information and energy that exists beyond our material reality. Extrasensory contact with these subtle realms is where you will find what I refer to as Creator God, the higher self, and much more.

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It is a skill to hear God and the higher self. It takes practice and time to cultivate the experience and fine-tune your methods of extrasensory perception. I am still working on growing my connection stronger with God, and I know it will be a lifelong learning process that I very much enjoy.

Getting to know and building a deep intimate relationship with God through my intuition function is the most fulfilling, peaceful, and positive endeavor I have ever undertaken. It fills my life with value and purpose, and there's nothing else I'd rather do with my time. The more I know and trust God's purpose for me, the better my life becomes, and my intuition is the best way to hear these high levels of benevolent guidance.

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